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partnersuche kostenlos und ohne anmeldung pokern The IRC Plugin allows you to talk to other Matix users. To talk on the IRC, add ‘@’ in front of your message. (example: “@hello!” will send “hello!” to the IRC)

Usagecasual dating kostenlos youtube

  • “@Hello”
    • Will send Hello to the IRC
  • “@/msg Carl Hey!”
    • Will send “Hey!” to Carl
  • “@/r How are you?”
    • Will send “How are you?” to the last person who sent you a PM

Commandsfree live chat room in india

  • “irc connect”
    • Connects you to the IRC
  • “irc disconnect”
    • Disconnects you from the IRC
  • “irc joinmessage”
    • Enables / Disables IRC join and part messages
  • “irc chattoggle”
    • Disables the need to use “@” in front of messages. Everything you type will be sent to the IRC. Use “/msg <username> <message>” to send PMs while this is active.
  • “irc ignore”
    • “irc ignore list
      • Displays a list of ignored people
    • “irc ignore <username>”
      • Adds or removes someone to your ignore list

Additional Notesfree live chat room indonesia

partnersuche kostenlos und ohne anmeldung youtube To edit your IRC username, open the IRC.json in the irc folder. (inside of the free live jyotish chat [Core] Settings folder)

free live chat magento By default, it should look something like this:


free live chat mobile Simply edit the “userName”. Make sure you don’t remove any of the quotes. If you want to change your name to Carl, the IRC.json would look like this:


free live chat my website After editing the IRC.json, simply restart Minecraft and you should now have the new name.